“Round the World With Ridgway” by John and Marie Christine Ridgway

.“Round the World With Ridgway” is a true account by the authors of their entry in the Whitbread Round the World Race in August 1977 to April 1978.   This is a riveting book for anyone, not just for sailors.  The authors are very open about their own strengths and weaknesses, and about the many joys and frustrations that living with a crew ” in a 57 foot tube” for over 8 months presents.  The journey was made in 4 legs, with stops at Cape Town, Auckland, and Rio.

John and Marie Ridgway are accomplished, engaging authors.  John, especially in his entry for Day 23, Leg 3 – Auckland to Rio:  Entitled “Night Watch”.  Read that entry if nothing else, it will take you there.

The format for this book is primarily from daily entries by each of the authors.   As John noted in the section Some thoughts in retrospect:  “Marie Christine and I have written this book as we went along, neither reading the other’s material.  I hope we have captured the passions of the moment; it seemed more honest than writing with hindsight.  the reader will be able to see the mistakes I made.  There were plenty of them.”  In addition to themselves they had an interesting assemblage of personalities in their crew, many of whom were gathered from the current instructors, or prospectives instructors in their School of Adventure.

What I got from reading the book: A bad case of wanderlust, I’m afraid.  One too many literary trips around Cape Horn for me of late.  Also, a respect for the power of group dynamics, leadership, teamwork, dreaming big dreams and making them happen!

Recommend:  Highly recommend.

Where I got it:  On loan, from Doug, Charlie’s brother.

Publisher:  Holt, Rinehart and Winston.                                                                                   Year Published:  1978