The Mooneshine Logs by Francis Stokes

Welcome to my brand new, and first ever, blog!  I’m excited to be here, and I do hope you will enjoy your visit.

  • The Mooneshine logs by Francis Stokes is my current read.  Our neighbour kindly brought over a few books he had all whose themes were great sailing trips.  Joshua Slocum’s book,” Sailing Alone around the World” was a treasure to have and read.  Then “The Mooneshine Logs”, now we are on a roll, and as I come near the end of this book, I am casting around for the next book in the theme.  It will be “Round the World with Ridgeway.”
  • Mooneshine Logs has stepped up to the quality of tone that Joshua Slocum achieves. Genuine , self-effacing honesty skillfully blended with the delight of remarkable achievement. Francis Stokes is a happy sailor, and to be his guest by virtue of access to this book, is a pleasure.   His boats, and his trips grow by degrees, the book culminating in a round the world race in 1980.  From his logs we learn a little of the level of effort involved in such a trip, however, there is plenty of time for relaxing and reading between checks on deck, and adjusting sails.
  • Largely, such books strike me as a grand exercise in discovering the self, and learning about our planet.  We know, as the creatures of routine and comfort that we usually are, that those that do strike out on such journeys are admirable practitioners of the grand art of living.  Their words support this theory.

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